Natural Language Processing Tool

2021-2022 / Machine Learning/Artificial Inteligence SaaS Platform (B2B)

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Leading Product Designer responsible for the end-to-end process.

Image Source: The images presented here are taken from the main website and do not reflect the real prototype nor disclose sensitive information.

Leading Product Designer: responsible for the end-to-end process for multiple features in the core platform - built to quickly and accurately extract, classify and interpret virtually any information from any document to make smarter business decisions, eliminate manual processing and optimise data flow. This Natural Language Processing tool helps users get structured insights in seconds by simply asking questions. A no-code AI platform where business users can easily extract data, answer questions and retrieve information. Some of the capabilities are:

  • The user labels the relevant data fields for extraction. The platform uses this information to build a machine learning model.
  • The model analyses all documents to retrieve the correct data points and evaluates the accuracy, giving the user a performance percentage score.
  • The user can easily apply logic and add rules to make the data output instantly understandable and actionable.
  • The platform guides users to verify any low-confidence answers, which can be used to further improve accuracy where necessary.
  • The user can review and, if required, retrain answers before exporting the resulting data or sending it other systems.

Source: Eigen Technologies

As the leading Senior Product Designer, I've been accountable for in-house product development, playing a critical role within the Product team, collaborating directly with Engineers, Product Managers, Customer Success Managers, Sales and wider business, taking ownership of the entire product experience.

For some core features, my contributions included:

  • Solving complex and intricate problems by validating assumptions and conducting user research with various stakeholders.
  • Executing on UI/UX design tasks, helping to define and improve processes, implementing reusable components as part of a (work in progress) Design System - abiding to WCAG 2.1 AA regulations implemented, allowing us to win more contracts and improve consistency and usability across the product

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