I'm May, a Senior Product Designer, a lover of complex systems and fluid interfaces. I create user-centric, simple, delightful, and human experiences. I'm passionate about all things related to Design Systems, strategy and mentoring other designers.

May - UX/Product Designer

Ship fast, learn and iterate.

I help companies define, design and launch world-class digital products following Agile principles. I learn and grow, working from an initial need, betting on the right solution, questioning assumptions. By addressing all the details during the process, I make independent and data-driven decisions when needed. I encourage making user-centred experiences for users to drive business outcomes. Eager to identify work to do and learn; focused on finding solid solutions to problems.

  • Collaboration and feedback believer, with clear & consistent communication
  • In-house product development experience
  • Consultancy agency scaling up teams & products being delivery focused
  • Ownership of the end-to-end design process
  • Machine Learning & AI, B2B, B2C, start-up experience

"Design is content with intent. Content without intent is noise. Intent without content is decoration."

Natural Language Processing Tool

Image Source: The image presented here is taken from the main website and do not reflect the real prototype nor disclose sensitive information.

2021-2022 / Machine Learning/Artificial Inteligence SaaS Platform (B2B)

As a Product Designer, I've been accountable for in-house product development, playing a critical role within the Product team, collaborating directly with Engineers, Product Managers, Customer Success Managers, Sales and wider business, taking ownership of the entire product experience. The platform quickly and accurately extracts, classifies and interprets virtually any information from any document to make smarter business decisions, eliminate manual processing and optimise data flow. This Natural Language Processing tool helps users get structured insights in seconds by simply asking questions. A no-code AI platform where business users can easily extract data, answer questions and retrieve information.

  • Solved complex and intricate problems by validating assumptions and conducting user research with various stakeholders.
  • Executed on UI/UX design tasks, helping to define and improve processes, implementing reusable components as part of a (work in progress) Design System.

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National TV Network Channel

2019-2020 / Web

Took the lead as a Product Designer working closely with stakeholders to better understand user and business requirements. I was responsible for running workshops, translating needs and goals into designs and flows, working closely with developers to understand the tech constraints, research with users and stakeholders, creating and updating style guides and design systems, producing hi-fidelity prototypes and deliverables, testing and iterating prototypes.

I’ve worked on two main projects:

  • A platform that services over 3,000 outside media agencies and provides programme purchase options, allocation of TV commercials, budget management and ROI reports on media allocated. The portal itself comprises highly complex journeys for media planning, purchasing inventory management and commerce.
  • An internal system that communicates sales decisions between teams from the above system.

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National TV Network Channel

National Library

National Library

2020 / Web + Mobile

The National Library has 28,000 pages of content and they lack consistency across them, most weren’t either accessible or user-friendly. Besides the extensive amount of pages, they were divided as a specific number of templates that were replicated throughout the whole website. Their previous product had hundreds of controls that were built on top of each other, never considering a user-centered experience or even their functionality. They were originally designed based on the website’s content and on what internal stakeholders (e.g. content producers) wanted - which is not necessarily what users need.

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Optimising a Charity e-Commerce Experience

Pro-bono project. In a two-week sprint, our team had to re-design the whole online shop to attract customers to purchase daily living aids and increase the revenue for the charity.


  • Helping users better understand the products, including their features, benefits and related advice
  • Ensuring that their USP is clear, in the context of the competitive landscape
  • Improving the way that VAT / VAT relief information and options are presented
  • Improvements to the overall UX and UI of the shop

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New feature for Lime - an electric bike renting mobile app

In a two-week sprint, I worked in a team of four to integrate a new feature for the existing Lime bike mobile application creating a high fidelity clickable prototype. The new feature is added to help customers creating a multi-point sightseeing tour, browse sight details for major attractions, secure rental bikes nearby and a more personalised app experience as a way to retain current customers and attract potential users.


  • Onboarding for new users
  • A new annual membership option
  • Ability to choose or create a multi-point sightseeing tour
  • Ability to view/browse sight details for major attractions

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If you think you can design a User Experience and prototype it in 5 days, you’re right

A UX case study on improving the User’s Experience when booking gym classes nearby.


How to be more healthy and balance work with her personal life but finds particularly difficult to be more active as she usually needs to use Google/apps to find classes that will fit in her time and budget.

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Yo-Shelf: designing an e-commerce website for a local groceries shop


For my second concept project as part of the User Experience course at General Assembly in London, I was tasked with creating an e-commerce website for a local independent grocery shop.

My client was YoShelf groceries. They’ve been the City’s neighbourhood grocery store since 1998. Located near Liverpool Street Station, they are proud of being part of a dynamic community.

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UI Conceptual Projects